With so many attractions in Mission Texas and events, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Winter Texans never run out of new sites to see, nor opportunities to go back and rediscover their own past, private paradises. The Rio Grande Valley makes for one heck of a backyard! Bored? Sorry. That simply is not an option.

The Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park

Not everyone who arrives at the Bentsen Rio Grande State Park is a fan of bird watching. The transformation however, usually takes only a few hours. It’s a wonderful thing to bear witness. That little red bird becomes a tiny, winged treasure. She keeps you captivated as she flits from branch to branch, a blur of crimson and color. Listen how she calls to her mate, and they work out whose turn it is to babysit.

In the tree above lies the nest. In the nest the eggs, and inside the eggs, the next generation of the Vermilion Flycatcher. Along with the hawks, the owls, the kites and the woodpeckers, these birds play an important part in our Texas ecosystem. If you find you need to know more about these fascinating creatures, be sure and visit the World Birding Center as well.

The Bentsen Park is one of the finest places in the nation to watch nature’s winged wonders fly, dine, and sing. Hundreds of different species call this refuge home. A set of walkways allows visitors to wander for miles without getting lost, or tangled in the undergrowth. Blinds have been constructed to let you get up close and personal to the creatures, without disturbing them as they nest and raise their young.

Camping is allowed in the park, but you won’t be allowed to bring your car or RV inside. Not to worry, there are plenty of R.V. Sites in the surrounding area, equipped with all the modern conveniences you might need. Our RV parks, like our hotels, are secure, affordable, and many are pet friendly.

The National Butterfly Center

Surround yourself with swarms of spectacular species of butterflies! The Center is a haven for hundreds of different kinds of butterflies, big and small. Make sure you are down here by the start on November or you’ll miss the Texas Butterfly Festival. The Butterfly Center is open seven days a week, so you have no excuse not to stop by.

Visit http://www.nationalbutterflycenter.org/ for more information.

The Ochoa’s Flea Market

Mission has got all the major department stores, designer shops and factory outlets if that’s what you’re after. But if you want to get off the beaten track, and find a few one of a kind keepsakes, make your way to the market. The Ochoa’s Flea Market.

It’s here that outstanding, original artisans market their unique, hand crafted treasures, They make super souvenirs that you can take back to your northern friends and family. And it’s not just the craftspeople who frequent the market.

The Mission Historical Museum

Founded in 2002, our local Mission museum is home to both permanent and temporary exhibits that tell our city’s story. It started in 1824 with three priests, a few pieces of fruit and a vision of the future. Mission today is as close to heaven as anywhere you’ll find on earth. We think that’s just how the Fathers of Oblate would have wanted it. Pay the museum a visit to find out more.

The Winter Texan Fiesta

It’s worth the trip to Mission for this event alone! An outdoor festival held annually and the cost to you? Nothing. Nada, zip, zero. It’s Mission’s way of saying “welcome back” to our friends from up north!

Call the Mission Chamber of Commerce for more details at 956-585-2727.