Safety in Mission, Texas? It’s Safer Than Most Large Metropolitan Cities
safety in mission texas
Safety in Mission, Texas, one of the safest metropolitan areas in the country.

How’s the safety in Mission, Texas?

There are thousands of cities in America that have earned metropolis status. There are a variety of organizations, rating systems and other research groups that exist to tell us which are “safe”. Since 1928, Farmers Insurance Group of Companies has been ranking around 400 American cities based on the safety and level of security that those community’s residents enjoy.

All kinds of data goes into assessing a city, and determining how it ranks when compared to similar metropolitan areas. The number of crimes that occur per thousand people, and the kind of crimes that take place, are two of the main indicators in studies of this sort. Usually it’s property crimes (theft, vandalism etc) and violent crime (murder, rape and the like) that are primarily examined.

In the large metropolitan areas category, Pittsburgh, Pa. recently took the number one spot. Pittsburgh may be one of the safest cities we’ve got, it’s just a shame about their winters! There’s a reason their hockey team is known as the Pittsburgh Penguins!

When the Insurance Group conducted a similar survey of smaller cities, Ithaca, New York grabbed top spot. Don’t get us wrong, like the rest of the world, we love New York! And Ithaca is a lovely town to visit…if you go in the summer.

For the purpose of the “Safe Cities” survey, Mission Texas, McAllen and Edinburg were put together, which qualified us as a “large metropolitan area”, with a population of more than 500,000 people.

Now few people know it, and the media certainly didn’t pay much attention, but the Mission metro area came in at number 13 on that Farmer’s Insurance Group of America’s safest cities! We outranked Honolulu, and we can guarantee you it’s a lot more affordable to stay here, not to mention easier getting here! Only 12 cities beat us out in terms of overall safety, including Denver, Rochester, and El Paso.

Many other winter destinations may come up on your radar as you plan to escape the wicked northern winters. But there are few places that will provide the warmth, hospitality, and secure environment that our Winter Texans enjoy here in Mission. You don’t need to spend hours in airports and on planes to visit. Pack up the RV, and drive down at your leisure. Make sunny Mission the end of your “escape winter” road trip.

At night, you can join the locals, and meet the thousands of other Winter Texans that are out strolling our city streets. Take advantage of the warm evenings to visit restaurants, cafes, and check out the nightlife.

Many of our Winter Texan friends are very fond of their RVs. We’ve got plenty of resorts where you can set up house. You’ll have access to all the modern conveniences you might need, and it’s affordable enough that you can stay all season long. Mission’s RV parks are safe, quiet and clean.

Another option that’s finding favor with Mission visitors are our B&Bs. You’ve got all the comforts of home at hand, but you’re free to come and go as you please. Delicious home cooked breakfasts always taste better when there’s no clean up involved. Not for you anyway!

What better way to meet up with the locals, and get the inside scoop on what’s happening here and now. Indian Ridge B&B is one of our top-rated spots. You’ll have to call hostess Suzanne to see if the Safari Suite is available for your stay! This gorgeous getaway is located near the Bentsen State Park, and the World Birding Center, two of Mission’s best loved tourist attractions.

So that’s safety in Mission, Texas in a nutshell. Now, the real question is, when will you come down and join us?

Call the Mission Chamber of Commerce and they’ll assist you on your trip down here, you can reach them at 956-585-2727 Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm.