Wine And Dine On The Rio Grande

Welcome back! You may just have stepped off a plane, a train, or exited your RV by the side door. Take a deep breath of warm, clean, Texas air. Relax. You’re back! Winter Texans returning to the warmth and the southern hospitality here in Mission are always happy to have made it back to their winter home.

The actual journey may be complete, but the party is just about to start!

Start off with a delicious meal! Eating often, and eating well, is not difficult to do in Mission. The challenge lies in deciding which delicious dining option is right for the moment. We’ve got hundreds of establishments waiting to spoil you in the spectacular Rio Grande Valley. What do you feel like today?

Mouthwatering Mexican

Why do drive-thru? This is not your run of the mill Mexican fast food city. While you CAN find plenty of that here, what you will want is authentic, friendly, family-owned and operated eating establishments and you are in luck! Mission Mexican is more than nachos and burritos. Taco Ole is a local favorite that gets its fair share of high fives on Tripadvisor and other websites. Combos that cost less than $10 will delight your taste buds, without withering your wallet.

You can order a la carte, or enjoy a mouthwatering, all you can eat buffet of magnificent Mexican and international dishes. Could it get any better? Yes. There are platters full of BBQ to boot, and free ice cream for dessert! Come very hungry; it is likely you will leave very full.

At Asadero Los Cabritos, spoil yourself with a mouth watering cabrito parrillada. That’s goat. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

The Best BBQ In The South Of Texas?

We think so! It goes without saying that visitors to any part of Texas will be expecting to find the finest BBQ beef, ribs, burgers and more. Mission POSSIBLE! Our town does not disappoint. Ace’s BBQ is one homegrown, hometown BBQ haven that’s not to be missed. Homemade potato salad, beef brisket that’s slow-cooked over mesquite, and served on plates big enough for two. Seniors discounts available.

Our Burgers Are Anything But Basic!

In the mood for a burger? Marcos Burger and Fries can do better. Much, much better. How hungry are you? Ready to take on the “Monster M”? That would be one pound of ground rib-eye, topped with cheese, bacon, avocado and a whole lot more. Too much? Not to worry. The folks behind the counter are happy to wrap up the leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.

Beer, Wine Or Border Buttermilk?

With a name like “Border Buttermilk” how could you not be tempted to try it? You may never be satisfied with a plain beer or a chardonnay again! This local specialty is our take on the Margarita, made with Ruby Red grapefruit grown right here in the valley. One may not be enough. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Restricted Diet? Relax! Mission Has Got Veggie Options, Gluten Free And More!

Mission’s eating establishments are well aware that not everyone can enjoy our BBQ beef, burritos and deep-fried delights. There are plenty of options available for our guests who have food sensitivities, allergies and personal diet preferences. Speak with your server when you place your order, and our restaurants will be pleased to fix you a meal that is gluten-free, vegetarian, or goes easy on the calories.

Weddings, Anniversaries Or Private Parties? Next To The River Or Overlooking It?

Where would you prefer to hold your party? The Riverside Club offers indoor and outdoor hosting facilities for your next event. The climate in Mission is warm and comfortable all year round, and the club can accommodate up to 500 people. Why not plan your next family reunion, wedding, or anniversary party here in Mission?

There are river cruises available that will offer you and your friends the opportunity to take in the local flora and fauna from the deck. Perhaps you’d prefer a quiet, private dinner with your partner? We can do that. Sip your margarita in the comfort of our air conditioned dining room, or relax on the outdoor patio overlooking the serene Rio Grande River, with a homemade burger and an ice cold beer. The choice is up to you!